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Illumination ~ Comfort ~ Peace

  Most of us understand the power of prayer. Witches pray differently, using the elements to aid the passage of the message to the presence of God.

How do you pray?


Candles glow. They send your message deeply into the universe, where it collects energy and helps manifest that which you desire.

Our candles and pillows are made specially, usually once to twice a month in a focused batch.

Our Prescription lines are made for you when you order them. If there is a negative astrological aspect that prevents us from working on your project, we'll let you know so you can have the option of cancelling or waiting for your item.
Candle prices are on the home page - they range from $3 to $13 for Batch candles, and they are $15 for Prescriptions. The Prescriptions are always large hefty candles in the appropriate shape and size. You will get full instructions with each and every candle or pillow.

We giftwrap, and we offer gift certificates as well. We are still developing our order form, so please email us with what you'd like.

When the Prescription Candle is being made, your request and your best interest are completely focused on. When the wax is being melted, it is being visualized that the blocks to what you wish for are being dissolved, and when the color is added, your name is being repeated and your purpose reaffirmed. Finally, a special oil blend is added and the candle is poured into a mold and once more, your purpose is reinstated as it takes a form. It's quite exciting!

For March our batch candles are the Erzuli Love Candle (pink with the fragrance of strawberry and coconut) and the Money Drawing (green with the fragrance of Lily of the Valley combined with a nice Patchouli - a wonderful combination!). Photos of the beautiful green Money Drawing Candles will be posted soon.





~Speaking Only Truth~