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My Sweet Goddess

Thanks for stopping by My Sweet Goddess.
We are committed to bringing you the finest handmade candles, healing pillows and spiritual services of a special nature.


We live in a culture where "loss" is a bad thing, not a positive thing. Therefore, lots of times our subconscious minds say "We don't want to lose!" And that can trip us when dieting comes into play. These great, deep purple candles have been created with a special "self control" oil, and have been designed to help you build your confidence and self discipline while attaining your goal weight in a healthy manner. Candles come complete with instructions.


For those of us who have asked favors of the great mother, it is only fair that we give back to her. This special candle was created with a beautiful midnight blue color and a unique oil blend made specifically for the Goddess of Witches. Wonderful to burn as an offering, to ask for help when at the crossroads of your life, or for while you're doing divination work. Comes complete with instruction sheet!


Below are a few photos of our candles.

  The pink candles are the Erzuli Love Candle, and the blues are the Ganesh "Door Openers". Erzuli's candles feature her favorite scents – strawberry and coconut. Very 70s feeling! Ganesh's candles are scented with a very fine and not overpowering sandlewood.


ERZULI LOVE – A delicious love spell all in one candle. We suggest that you do not "target" one specific person with this kind of energy. Just throw it out there and ask the universe to bring you love. Just be ready, because it works! Erzuli is the powerful African Goddess of Love!

LOVE HEALING – A beautiful pale pink candle delicately scented with a heart balm oil that helps heal broken hearts. Also wonderful as an aid in mourning and grief dispelling. These are heart shaped only.

SUCCESS – A regal looking golden candle infused with High John The Conqueror Oil, among others, that will help focus your energy and award you the opportunities that you deserve, and that you're willing to work to obtain.

HEALING – A simple, beautiful white candle that sends pure energy to the sick or ailing. A wonderful candle that eases emotional anguish even when physical healing is out of the realm of possibility.

DEPRESSION BUSTER – One of our most popular candles! It's sunshiney yellow and delicately scented with an oil that almost smells like candy. It lifts your spirits in a more all-encompassing way then regular aromatherapy can.

HOUSE BLESSING – The perfect candle to burn as soon as you move to a new space, or as soon after as possible. The energy of this blue candle is so warm and homelike - you may never want to leave!

FAST LUCK – Oh yes, the old standby! A nearly clear green candle that helps turn the tides on a bad run of luck.

MONEY – Always a nice candle to get the money flow moving again, or to bring business your way.

OBSTACLE REMOVER – The Ganesh Blue is pictured above. Ganesh is the Hindu god that helps you find opportunities you may not ordinarily see. He opens doors you don't even know are there!

APARTMENT/HOUSE FINDER – A great orange/yellow candle that will help point you in the right direction and help you find the right place for you!

JOB FINDER – Similar to the home finder, but this will inspire you, give you energy and help you see things you may have missed before, including opportunities!!

These are just a sampling! All of the above candles can be used for the purposes described, or for no other purpose than to enlighten your home.

Candles will be made specifically to your specifications. Just tell me what color and what scent you like, and then also what shape you'd like (star, heart, cylinder or pyramid), and I'll make it JUST FOR YOU!

  Candle prices are:

Large Circular Candle: $13.00.

Heart Shaped Candle: $13.00

Large Pyramid Candle $15.00

Medium Pyramid Candle: $10.00

Medium Star Shaped Candle: $10.00

"Point" Candles (small triangles)
$3.00 each, (4 for $10!).

We are working on an order form. In the meantime, please email us
for shipping information. Most candles will ship for $3.20 or under.

  Who We Are:
We are Alix & Angel. We've been friends for about fifteen years now, and have gotten each other through good times and bad. We both discovered our spiritual side a long long time ago, and learned what we've learned from two different schools of thought. This is what makes us diverse and completely able to give great perspective and alternate answers to life's big questions as they roll along!

Our Services:
We are both talented and experienced readers – over 30 years experience between the two of us. We do in-person readings, and we also do readings on the phone.

Alix reads Tarot. She worked as a Tarot reader at the famed Magickal Childe in NYC for a few years and has read independently and professionally for over 25 years.

Angel reads both Tarot and Runes, and has done private readings extensively. She is also a Reiki practitioner who works to channel healing energy for you and also for your pets.

We are also affiliated with the most incredible astrologer either of us have ever had the scarily accurate pleasure of being read by - Dee. Dee is formerly of Enchantments in NYC, and we will procure an appointment with her for you, as well as help you get your chart.

Our Products:
All of our products are made by hand.
The Candlemaker is Alix. She makes them by hand -- from wax chopping, melting, dying, adding classic secret oil recipes to each candle or batch of candle wax, and finally casting them in molds of various shapes and sizes. They come in all different types, and include little trinkets you'll need to leave as an offering for the gifts she will bestow on your love life! There are some general candles made once a month (when the moon is full!) The special for this October & November are Erzuli Love candles. These pink, beautifully scented candles are made for the African love goddess who treasures all "little girl" things. Email us for any special need candle.

Angel creates the most beautiful and subtly powerful healing pillows you'll ever have the pleasure to own. All made by hand with carefully selected herbs and the finest fabrics. She custom blends special herbs, sews them inside of the most beautiful fabric. What makes these extra special is the Reiki energy Angel channels so effortlessly into all the pillows she makes. There are some that are made and sold in a general fashion, and then there are those made specifically for your needs. They will be uniquely yours.

As with the candles, Angel can custom prescribe a pillow for you. Just email us with the details of what your needs are. All requests are kept strictly confidential. You'd be amazed at what we can come up with! For more details, see the Candle/Pillow page!

Spokesmodel Jane is on her favorite healing pillow - "Peace".

~Candles~Pillows~Comfort~   ~Speaking Only Truth~
For information on our Tarot & Rune readings and healing sessions, click here.

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